Join us in Paris January 16-21

Kneedler Fauchere is hosting the 10th annual Design Week in Paris. KF has arranged exclusive invitations into showrooms, galleries, and French institutions. Enjoy presentations by Pierre Frey, Hermes, Glant and more. Meet with the owners and dive into the process of the craft maintained by these family owned businesses.

A Message from Rocky Lafluer, Kneedler Fauchere:


TEN YEARS AGO, the textile exhibitors at M&O left this long-standing show outside of Paris and created their own show in Paris, in their own showrooms at the same time as always, each January and named it Paris Deco-Off.

Kneedler Fauchre, Gina and Rocky decided to travel to Paris to see this new show. We really had no idea what to expect but ventured forth to celebrate design, develop closer relationships with our suppliers and be inspired. Our textile suppliers offered to have special showings of their new collections in their showrooms.

This was exciting. We told our designer friends in Los Angles what we were planning, and a few wanted to join in the adventure. And we decided to rent a small apartment in the 6th Arrondissement to get the full Paris experience and perhaps invite our friends for a celebration.

We had the very best time. And the first little party in our apartment drew more friends than we had imagined. Our designer friends loved the textile showings, and everyone wanted to return the following year.

With each year more and more designers joined us from all our territories. And we made side trips to the Flea Market, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Bernard Steinitz, mill tours, and on.

Word got out and many other multi-line showrooms in America wanted to join in the design celebration with their designers and it grew beyond what we could have imagined. A few years ago, the Mayor of Paris provided us with their city hall, Hotel de Ville and we had over 700 design professionals from all over the world for a celebration like never before. We called this The American Party in Paris.

It is our passion and our pleasure to share with each of you what we have created.
— Rocky

Our European suppliers were amazed and delighted with what we had created and have embraced our arrival each January with bigger and better showings and special events and receptions. 

And now, in our tenth year, January 2019, we hope that you will join all of us for a design celebration like none other. We will be delighted if you would be a part of this compelling experience.

It is our passion and our pleasure to share with each of you what we have created. Please see below for our schedule for January 2019. Let us know if you will be joining us so we may plan appropriately.

Also, you may want to take a look at for very valuable information, maps, events, transportation and on to make your visit more productive and enjoyable.

Should you venture out to M&O see for practical information. 

See you in Paris!


Events overview

Wednesday, January 16th:

10am-2pm 10th annual KF Welcome Reception, Dedar/Hermes gallery (KF)

2:30pm-4:30pm Ritz Hotel & Hotel de Crillon Tours (Hosted by ASID LA, ticket sales coming soon)

Thursday, January 17th:

10am Pierre Frey presentation, Automobile Club de France (KF)

2-5pm L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts Tour (Hosted by ASID LA, ticket sales coming soon)

6pm Nobilis presentation & after-party, Nobilis showroom (KF)

Friday, January 18th:

9 -10:30am Bernard Steinitz Tour – Champagne Breakfast (Hosted by ASID LA, ticket sales coming soon)

11-12:30 Jim Thompson presentation, Pop-up Showroom (KF)

2pm Glant presentation, Glant showroom at Cleo C (KF)

6pm American Party in Paris, Collège des Bernardins (Tickets go on sale Dec. 4th. Purchase tickets here.)

Saturday, January 19th:

10am Dedar presentation (KF)

11am Hermes presentation, Dedar/Hermes pop-up showroom

Monday, January 21st:

8-4:30 Maison et Objet trip hosted by West Edge (email RSVP. Space is limited.)

For more information and to RSVP for each event, click here.

Information Session will be held on Wednesday, November 28th at 6pm in room 313 of 1010 Westwood building.


If you are interested in joining and want updates, fill out this form: